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My name is Lori Salamone-Limbachs and I hail from Janesville, Wisconsin.

As a self-taught artist, I have striven to adopt a skill set and point of view that allow

me to create art capable of stirring the imagination and challenging the paradigms

of art. I create with the intention of provoking curiosity and imagination in others as

much as myself, and I take great joy and pride in the process and quality product.


I draw inspiration from the creative energy of fellow artists, the world in my

 dreams, textures, and the world around me. I express my inspiration through mixed

media and abstract styles using a number of techniques with metal, both melted and

in sheets, glass, beads, stained glass, photography, to add a sense of realism to

certain pieces, and a variety of other materials.


My work calls the lover of art to draw from their own perspective, life, and

experience to give it a voice that they can hear and understand.